The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Concerts and Event Filming

The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Concerts and Event Filming

The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Concerts and Event Filming

When you are filming a live concert or event, it’s important to do it correctly. Otherwise, you run the risk of being without usable footage and high-quality video.


The Do's and Don'ts of Live Concerts and Event Filming Wildwood Live

Live Concert and Event Filming Explained


      DO Pick a Style – Before you film any live event, you need to think about the style of shooting that you are aiming for. This will ensure you have a look and feel that you like, which is hugely important if the online event is going to reflect a brand or business.


      DON’T Forget About Audio – A lot of people make the mistake of assuming a standard camera microphone is enough, but this is rarely the case. To ensure you have excellent audio, you will need to use a soundboard and audio recorder. You should also have someone monitoring the audio throughout the entire event, as there is no knowing when a problem may occur. Though the audio may sound fine in person, this isn’t enough if you plan to showcase the event at a later date. After all, no one wants to watch an event with poor audio.


      DO Use Multiple Cameras – It’s important to use more than one camera when you are filming a concert or event for live video streaming as this will help you to create a professional and engaging video. Plus, a number of angles can be captured and you have backup cameras if the main one was to fail. A multi-camera setup is common, with one main camera and other secondary cameras.


      DON’T Use Handheld Footage – Though handheld footage may seem edgy and trendy, it’s best to avoid using any when you are filming a live concert or event. It can appear unprofessional and amateur, as well as being hard to watch.


      DO Film The Audience – When you are filming an event, don’t forget to film the audience every so often. Not only does this capture the success of an event, but it’s also great if you need some additional footage in editing.


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