Wildwood LIVE goes… live!

Wildwood LIVE goes… live!

Hi and welcome to Wildwood LIVE

Wildwood LIVE is part of the Wildwood Media family and just like its parent company is committed to high-quality video production.

Wildwood LIVE goes... live! Wildwood Live

With Wildwood LIVE we now offer superior live streaming capabilities. Whether you’re a brand name, SME or a not-for-profit we offer quality video streaming services. With multi-cam options, we can now live stream events, training, presentations, seminars and meetings.

Whilst services like Zoom and Skype are ideal for group meetings and 1-2-1’s what we offer is a high-end multi-cam approach that isn’t designed around direct interaction but for a live video experience. So if people can’t make your event then we give that the ability to through public or private live streaming.

Given the current situation with Covid-19 we appreciate events aren’t able to run, but with live streaming you’re now able to offer a virtual event.

We’re based in Maidstone in Kent but operate throughout the South East including London. We also offer live video streaming throughout the country – although currently this is somewhat limited due to travel and hotel restrictions.

But for now, if you require live video streaming services in London or Kent then we’re here to help.

Wildwood LIVE goes... live! Wildwood Live

We can stream across YouTube, Facebook or other platforms. We also offer the option for you to run a private, invite-only, video stream or a public one.

Using the latest professional live streaming, multi-camera technology we’re able to offer high-end streaming services in order for you to connect with your customers or staff.  As with all areas of video production, it’s not just about being seen, it’s about being seen well and, just as importantly, heard. We’re able to offer multiple sound input options so we can live stream meetings or discussions. Our live video streaming services are built around Wildwood Media’s core values of offering fair, high quality and committed video services that exceed our client’s expectations.

If you wish to discuss your live video streaming requirements and your based in London, Kent or the South East then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us via:


Tel: 01622 200567


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