Our new music live streaming promo is out!

Our new music live streaming promo is out!

Check out below the new live streaming promo we’ve produced to show off our work with Bison Manoeuvres.

WildwoodLIVE was established to help bring creative, high-quality live-streaming to organisations at an affordable rate. Since the outbreak of COVID 19 we’ve seen requested for virtual events, live streaming events, music events, live streaming AGMs, live streaming fundraising events for charities, conferences – everything. We believe that once C19 has been dealt with (whenever that may be!) that in terms of live streaming the world has changed. The demand will remain high and audiences will expect more. And that’s where we come in – we offer creative, high quality, multi-cam live streaming with a host of additional options – from on-screen presenters to high tech additions, multi-channel streaming, graphics, cinematic approaches. Whatever the event is we can cover it.

Like videos with our parent company, WildwoodMedia.co.uk, it’s important to understand the brief from the client and find the correct visual ident for the event. An example of this would be that a conference would be filmed very differently than a music event!

Our music events have seen great acclaim, we’ve tried to bring that atmosphere and feeling you have at an in-person event to our streams. With TV level production and approach, we’ve produced free-to-air live streams for YouTube and also Pay Per View events for our clients. You can view our new promotional film for our music event films below.

As you can see we look to apply a creative approach to our music streams that means the audience is taken on a visual ride that works with the music of the band or artist. Our recent events for LA Salami and Wesley Gonzalez have shown how this works. With LA Salami it was a slower, more subtle stream whereas the Wesley Gonzalez stream was fast and furious – when it needed to be of course!

If you want to speak to us about any live streams then use the contact details below:


Office 01622 200567

Location: 07966 911117

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