7 Reasons You Should be Live Streaming Events

7 Reasons You Should be Live Streaming Events

7 Reasons You Should be Live Streaming Events

There is no denying that live event video and event filming is currently hugely popular. With social distancing measures and restrictions in place, a lot of people are turning to online events and virtual events. If you have not jumped on the live streaming events trend already, what are you waiting for? Here are some of the top reasons to live stream your event.

7 Reasons You Should be Live Streaming Events Wildwood Live

Why You Should Live Event Stream


  1. More People Can ‘Attend’ – Though a venue is sure to have limitations in terms of attendees, this is not a problem when you live stream an event. Online events can be attended by as many people that want to attend.


  1. Reach a Wider Audience – A lot of people who want to attend an event may not be able to. For example, the event may be too far away. Live streaming an event makes it a lot more accessible to a wider audience.


  1. It’s Simple and Straightforward – Don’t make the mistake of assuming live streaming an event is difficult, as this isn’t the case at all. Live streaming can be simple and straightforward, even more so if you have the help of a streaming company.


  1. Live Streaming Can Be Tracked – By tracking the analytics of an event you can evaluate the ROI. You can see whether the event was a success by looking at viewer numbers, demographics and engagement.


  1. Streaming on Mobile – Many people access video content online via a smartphone or tablet. This is something you can tap into as events can be viewed on a mobile device.


  1. Live Streaming is Affordable – A lot of people assume that live streaming an event is costly, but it can be extremely affordable. Even with the help of a professional streaming company, live streaming may not be as expensive as you think.


  1. It Showcases Professionalism – Any brand or business that organised live streaming is seen as professional, capable and up to date with modern trends. With so many competitors live streaming their events, anyone that isn’t may appear out of touch to their audience.


As you can see, there are a number of benefits that come with live streaming an event. Whether it’s an online event or virtual event, our streaming company can help. At WildwoodLIVE, we offer a wide range of live streaming services in London. Get in touch to find out more.


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