10 Best Live Event Production & Live Streaming Ideas for 2020

10 Best Live Event Production & Live Streaming Ideas for 2020

10 Best Live Event Production & Live Streaming Ideas for 2020

As you will see from the examples given below, there are no shortage of ways to use live video streaming and live event production in 2020.



Top 2020 Live Streaming Ideas


  1. Live Demonstrations – Thanks to live video streaming, you can do live product and service demonstrations with ease. This is ideal for educating, informing and building a strong relationship with your audience.


  1. Virtual Event Interview – Using streaming video services, you can broadcast a virtual event to those who are interested and this includes interviews. You could interview an expert in your industry, a member of staff or a satisfied customer. You may even attempt to organise an interview with someone well known, as this allows you to market to their audience also.


  1. Behind the Scenes – Filming behind the scenes of a business is a great way to give a unique insight into who you are and what you do. Plus, it puts a ‘face to the name’ of the business.


  1. Stream Entertainment to Fans – If you have a form of entertainment to offer, stream it to fans. This includes music, gigs, comedy and theatre. It allows a larger audience to tune in and enjoy the show.


  1. Share Your Expertise – There are a lot of businesses out there, so share your expertise with the audience. It’s a great way to showcase yourself as a professional, trusted and authoritative future within the industry.


  1. Live Q&A Sessions – A live question and answer session gives you the opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Plus, it gives customers the chance to have their questions answered.


  1. Live Product and Service Tutorials – Using live video streaming, you can show customers how to use a product or service. It could be all it takes to convert a potential customer into a paying customer.


  1. Stream Online Events – When it comes to virtual events, live video streaming is hugely beneficial. Not only does it mean more people can attend compared to the event being ‘in person’ only, but it also gives potential customers a better idea of who you are and what you have to offer.


  1. Run a Competition – Running a competition or contest via a live video is a great way to engage an audience, especially if you encourage people to share the streamed video after they have entered.


  1. Stream Conferences – Conferences are a great way to showcase your knowledge, industry insights and to market the business as a whole. By live streaming a conference, people from around the world can tune in.


10 Best Live Event Production & Live Streaming Ideas for 2020 Wildwood Live


(A recent live stream produced by WildwoodLIVE including studio-based host and equipment with additional participants involved via Zoom)

As a live streaming company in Kent, we know all there is to know about live streaming as a business. Whether you choose to live stream a conference or host a live demonstration, there is no denying the impact a video can have. To find out more about our streaming company, get in touch with the Wildwood LIVE team.


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