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Our Services

Wildwood LIVE is a live video streaming company that helps you get your message out. In a fast-moving world, that in recent months has seen unprecedented changes, it’s essential that you’re still able to communicate with your service users and client base. Through high-quality live video streaming, we’ve able to offer such a solution.

Using a multi-cam approach, we provide a mobile TV studio that can deliver a wide range of engaging and essential solutions, such as live events, music gigs and concerts, fundraising, virtual events, conference broadcast, board meetings, general meetings, live training and presentations. We always enjoy working with our clients to find new and innovative ways to broadcast live streaming video.

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We’re part of Wildwood Media, an award-winning video production company that offers creative and effective branded content. From promotional films, social media content, training, health and safety, events, aerial filming and photography all the way through to, of course, streaming video services.

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What stands us apart

There are many live streaming services in London, Kent and beyond, so what stands us apart? Well, as we’re part of the Wildwood Media brand their ethos flows through all we do, which is a client-first approach. Everything is based around the idea of communication, we’ll give you clear information on what is going to happen and why and of course give you every opportunity to feedback. Planning is essential. Then when the groundwork is laid we’ll look to the best way to live video stream the event. For conferences that might be a standard multi-camera shoot, but for other events, such as live music concerts, that might mean a more creative approach.

We never ‘just turn up and film’ – we’re always planning, communicating, and thinking of the best ways to film an event.

What areas do we cover?

We’re based in Maidstone, Kent and we find most of our live streaming work is in Kent and London, however we do operate nationwide. We love live streaming in Maidstone as it’s our home town but it’s always nice to get out and about! So we’re a live streaming company for London and beyond! Streaming video services are a new ‘norm’ and a new essential and so we’re a streaming company that is proud and excited to offer these to organisations whether they want to live stream their event in Maidstone, in Kent, in London – or beyond! We’re here and ready to help!

Our Clients

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