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Our Services

Wildwood LIVE is a live video streaming company that helps you get your message out. In a fast-moving world, that in recent months has seen unprecedented changes, it’s essential that you’re still able to communicate with your service users and client base. Through high-quality live video streaming, we’ve able to offer such a solution.

Using a multi-cam approach, we provide a mobile TV studio that can deliver a wide range of engaging and essential solutions, such as live events, music gigs and concerts, fundraising, virtual events, conference broadcast, board meetings, general meetings, live training and presentations. We always enjoy working with our clients to find new and innovative ways to broadcast live streaming video.

We’re part of Wildwood Media, an award-winning video production company that offers creative and effective branded content. From promotional films, social media content, training, health and safety, events, aerial filming and photography all the way through to, of course, streaming video services.

What stands us apart

There are many live streaming services in London, Kent and beyond, so what stands us apart? Well, as we’re part of the Wildwood Media brand their ethos flows through all we do, which is a client-first approach. Everything is based around the idea of communication, we’ll give you clear information on what is going to happen and why and of course give you every opportunity to feedback. Planning is essential. Then when the groundwork is laid we’ll look to the best way to live video stream the event. For conferences that might be a standard multi-camera shoot, but for other events, such as live music concerts, that might mean a more creative approach.

We never ‘just turn up and film’ – we’re always planning, communicating, and thinking of the best ways to film an event.

What areas do we cover?

We’re based in Maidstone, Kent and we find most of our live streaming work is in Kent and London, however we do operate nationwide. We love live streaming in Maidstone as it’s our home town but it’s always nice to get out and about! So we’re a live streaming company for London and beyond! Streaming video services are a new ‘norm’ and a new essential and so we’re a streaming company that is proud and excited to offer these to organisations whether they want to live stream their event in Maidstone, in Kent, in London – or beyond! We’re here and ready to help!

Our Clients

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Media & Video Production FAQs

Q: Can you still do live video streaming during lockdown and COVID 19?

A: Yes we can – video production and live video streaming is an essential communication tool. Our services allow companies to stay in touch with their clients, customers and staff. Through live video streaming you can inform and communicate – which in the current pandemic is an essential way for businesses and organisations to stay in touch with those that matter most. So if you need live video streaming and are based in London, Kent or anywhere in the South East of England then rest assured that communicating through live video streaming and video production is safe and legal. We’ll carry out Covid risk assessments, wear masks, commit to social distancing and bring a minimal crew. Some of our streaming crew can do their work remotely as well.

Q: Where are you based?

A: We’re based in Maidstone; Kent and we find most of our live streaming work is in Kent, London & the South East. We love live streaming in Maidstone as it’s our home town but it’s always nice to get out and about! We’re a live streaming company offering our streaming video services (compliant with socially distant measures of course!) for London and beyond!

Q: Do you offer your live video streaming services nationwide?

Of course! Although we are based in Maidstone, Kent we love helping companies with their live video streaming needs and operate all over the UK!

Q: What services do you offer?

Wildwood LIVE are a full-service video production company based in Maidstone, Kent. We offer a full range of video & music video services from branded content, promotional films, event filming, aerial filming through to animation. We can live stream pretty much anything – as long as there’s an internet connection at your event location. If not, we still have solutions that work in a wide range of locations!

Q: I’m not sure which format is best for my event, can you help?

A: Our Wild Wood LIVE production & events team will be happy to advise on the best production option for your live streaming event, we’ll chat through the various benefits and how we can support your event best via live streaming. Whatever your goal, call us to chat through your ideas!

Q: What kind of live video & live music video streaming events can I host?

A: The large-scale nature of virtual live streaming events means that you can host events with our services such as:
* Business streaming
* corporate announcements
* charity events
* music events
* concerts & gigs
* business award ceremonies
Please feel free to call our team today and speak with our professional production team to discuss your event needs.

Q: Is live video streaming effective?

A: Live video streaming can be extremely effective in achieving a number of different goals for your business.
Below is just a few of the benefits of live streaming your event:
* Increase your engagement with employees and clients 
* Improve internal communications 
* Grow your audience
* Generate new leads
* Drive sales

Q: What are the benefits of live video, & live music video, streaming.

A: There are many benefits to live video, & live music video, streaming. Here are just a few benefits:
* They can keep you connected with your clients and customers 
* They can be used for smaller scale events, such as training and professional development, improving internal communications with your employees & your business.
* Live discussion and Q&A features of live video streaming, enable you to connect with participants virtually anywhere in real-time.
* Live video streaming events are a great way to digitally reach your audience during this time of social distance & remote working.
* Find out more about the benefits on our blog : live-streaming-events/

Q: What is a virtual event?

A: A virtual event is a large-scale online event which takes place instead of a physical event, such as a business conference. Delivered via live video streaming production, live streaming events are highly interactive and enable your business to emulate the features of a physical event.

Q: How long can I stream for?

A: This depends on the social network and purpose for the live streaming video or event. Facebook allows for 4 hours of live video streaming and YouTube allows for 24/7 streaming but will only record your event for 4 Hours as a maximum. If you have any queries about live video streaming and the time scales permitted, please give us a call and our London based production team will be happy to help!

Q: Can I have music on my live video stream?

A: Yes, you can include music in your live video stream but it will need to be cleared for use unless it is your own original music. Video sites check for rights violations and can in some cases block or stop the stream, our event production team in London will be able to assist & advise you on music rights for your live event.

Q. Can you deliver virtual and hybrid live streaming events in line with Covid guidelines?

A: absolutely! Our service is fully compliant with social distancing measures at all times. Please feel free to call us at our Kent, London office and chat to our event production team who will be happy to explain further.

Q. How many of your crew will attend our event?

A: We provide complete support for your live video streaming event, from technical through to production and event management. Call us today at our London office for a free no obligation quote.

Q: What internet speed do i need for live video streaming?

A: The upload speed of your connection will dictate the picture quality of the video we stream for you. As an example, YouTube requires a minimum of 4mbps for HD transmission. Facebook required 4.5 Mbps. To chat through your live video streaming event in more detail, feel free to call us at our London office for a free, no obligation quote.

Q: How can i tell how fast my internet is?

A: Make sure you are using the live streaming connection that our team will use on the day and ensure no one else is using it then go to and run the test. We suggest running it three times over a 30-minute period and you then need to let our team know the results of the slowest UPLOAD speed.

Q: How much does streaming cost?

A: There isn’t a standard cost, as this is entirely dependent on your individual event & streaming requirements. Call our London office today and our production team will be happy to chat through your needs.

Q: Can you assist with the ideas of how best to use live streaming?

A: absolutely! Our team are on hand to help with every detail of your event, and in the meantime why not take a read of our recent blog full of ideas to incorporate live streaming to stay connected to your remote teams: